• Half-Marathon-680x1024-croppedHalf-Marathon Runner
  • IMG_4906_LRTeacher
  • IMG_4919_LRSpeed Skater
  • IMG_4903_LRBusy Mom of Two Teenagers
  • IMG_4917_LREvolving Zebra
  • Half-Marathon Runner
  • Teacher
  • Speed Skater
  • Busy Mom of Two Teenagers
  • Evolving Zebra

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  • Half-Marathon-680x1024-cropped

    Brittany F.Half-Marathon Runner

    I was diagnosed with PI in 2006 and I refused and continue to refuse to let this affect my life and goals. Although doing treatments on a weekly basis is no fun, it has helped me to be a healthier and happier person. I feel so fortunate to have my health, and working in a hospital has allowed me to show my patients compassion and love during their illness and struggle with disease. Stay strong, inspire yourself, and love life.

  • IMG_4906_LR

    Frances M.Teacher

    I have been on immune globulin since 1965. I made the transition from IMIG to IVIG to SCIG. SCIG has made me the healthiest I have ever been. So as I age, I feel younger.

  • IMG_4919_LR

    Marian F.Speed Skater

    I have won 2 world master’s age group sprint championships in long track speed skating.

  • IMG_4903_LR

    Joan S.Busy Mom of Two Teenagers

    After struggling with recurrent infections, my current treatment allows me to live my busy life, which includes Zumba, baking, gardening and avid sports fan cheering on my kids.

  • IMG_4917_LR

    Alli L.Evolving Zebra

    I was diagnosed with CVID in 1999. There have been many highs and lows with infusing. I have been on many different brands of IG and many ways of infusing. After starting my current SCIg therapy, my levels are great! Most of all, I am starting to get my life back!

  • IMG_4940_LR

    Mason B.Black Belt in Kuk Sool Won

    I have been sick most of my life. I was diagnosed with CVID and began IVIG at the age of 10. I earned my 1st degree black belt in Kuk Sool Won two years later.

  • Zach D.Zach the Soccer God

    I was diagnosed at 6 years of age after spending most of my life ill. Since diagnosis and receiving infusions, my life has become more normal. My life still has some complications or obstacles but together with my SCIg therapy my life is amazing!!

  • IMG_4922_LR1

    Heidi P.Scout Leader

    Diagnosed with Hypogammaglobulinanemia at 3, I grew up with parents who encouraged me to live every day as if it were my last. I have jumped out of an airplane, traveled to 10 countries, canoed 50 miles, white-water rafted, and been able to be an amazingly active mom to a 14-year-old Boy Scout because of the wonderful treatment options!

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